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Honey Cellar

Chicago Folk Rock Band

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Honey Cellar is a folk rock band from Chicago featuring beautiful harmonies, an eclectic mix of Irish-inspired violin and mandolin, and original songs. They’ve toured throughout the Midwest and have been compared to the kind of warm, jangly folk rock band you could have danced to at a festival in the ‘60s or ‘70s. The vibrant instrumentals and earnest lyrics come together to make each show an intimate yet electrifying experience.


Their second album, Borders, was released in the summer of 2022 to national acclaim. Their new sound brings the band to spacey heights with the introduction of a new lead guitarist and a more collaborative blend of songwriting. Each song is still shaped by their deep roots in folk music.

Catherine Krol: vocals, bass

Danny Connolly: vocals, guitar

Lucy Holden: vocals, violin, mandolin

Tariq Shihadah: vocals, guitar, flute

Joey Buttlar: drums, percussion

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Photos by Ash Dye


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